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Applicazioni Tecniche was born with a mission in mind: becoming world leader in Special Technical Supplies to chemical and process industry. Applicazioni Tecniche was first to introduce an advanced protection system for flanges, valves and expansion joints. The innovative application of FG-PTFE became a valid alternative to the old hard plastic shields. The PTFE coated fiber-glass cloth offers a high versatility in terms of design, allowing tailor-made solutions for every item on a plant, wherever there are risks of noxious leakages and external weather aggression. The experience we have gained throughout the years makes us global consultants and suppliers in matters of piping safety.

Applicazioni Tecniche has 3 divisions:
- Industrial Safety Engineering / Fluid management / Maintenance

Relying on highly specialised technical staff and cutting-edge prototyping department, Applicazioni Tecniche is now partner of global scale industries and market leading companies.

We don’t expect your plant to be fitting our products, we design our products so that they fit your plant...

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